inVISIBLE is a tactile book. It is made for blind and for sighted people. The tactile sense is very important for orientation in everyday life. This book wants to reveal a different approach to pictures in general and women artists especially, who also appear to be invisible in art history at times. Dr. Rotraut Krall from the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna (KHM) supported Sarah Iris Mangs work through her experience as an art historian and as an expert in art communication for blind and visually impaired persons. There are eight female artists at the KHM collection in Vienna. For this book the works of Sofonisba Anguissola, Rachel Ruysch, Maria van Oosterwijk, Rosalba Carriera and Marie Louise Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun were chosen, because their work is presented in the gallery. In dialogue with these women artists Sarah Iris Mang made her own tactile drawings.


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invisible_interview with Dr Rotraud Krall