Performance “C”

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Fotos: Barabara Klampfl






In her current work, PERFORMANCE “C”, Sarah Iris Mang works together with a team of performers and uses wool, as a visual symbol, to show correlations and interaction between the actors.

PERFORMANCE “C” was performed in this bigger formation in May 2017 at the Kunstraum Niederösterreich in Vienna. It already took place in smaller formations with fewer actors (see photos below). A video and multiple photos document this performance.

The main idea is to show the connections and correlations between people. The yarn, which the artist puts on the bodies of the performers, can be seen as these – normally – invisible connections. The space between the people changes during the performance, through movements of the persons. These actions have an important impact on the PERFORMANCE “C”.

Regarding to the chaos theory, the artist`s interest is to see, how someone interacts in a conscious or unconscious way with the system – in PERFORMANCE “C” it is a specific place, time frame and the selected performers – and how someone can change or transform it through moving.

“Chaos is the science of surprises, of the nonlinear and the unpredictable. It teaches us to expect the unexpected. While most traditional science deals with supposedly predictable phenomena like gravity, electricity, or chemical reactions, Chaos Theory deals with nonlinear things that are effectively impossible to predict or control, like turbulence, weather, the stock market, our brain states, and so on.[…] By understanding that our ecosystems, our social systems, and our economic systems are interconnected, we can hope to avoid actions which may end up being detrimental to our long-term well-being.” [Jonathan Wolfe, Ph.D.,]

Everyone is part of the system: the family, the social and political system, as well as the global and outer space system. We are interacting with these systems constantly. It is important for the artist to show that everyone is a creator of this system and can shape it or can change it; or act in a more passive way. With regards to contents the artist wants to indicate the Butterfly Effect, which is related to the chaos theory. A butterfly flapping his wings at just the right point in space and time can cause a hurricane at another place far away. Small changes in the initial conditions can lead to drastic changes in the results.

Concept and choreography: Sarah Iris Mang

Assistance video/photo: Markus Steiniger & Dagmar Stelzer (video), Barbara Klampfl (photo)

Performers: Gabriele Weiß, Dieter Halama, Margit Bernhard, Dorschner Nicole, Agnes Pfeffer, Gabriele Gruber, Eva Haslinger, Sarina Haslinger, Judith Ladenstein, Ewa Mark-Traisenthal, Christine Leitner, Nikolaus Stadlbauer,  Eva Woska- Nimmervoll, Tanja Raich.

*At the Museumsquartier in Vienna,  June 2017, PERFORMANCE”C” was shown in a different context  – objects of Tina Sischka were integrated and DJ lamarc composed a sound.