Installation and performance (with Christine Leitner/2015)

„Mothers are a passage. With life they give their kids also the death.” This is written in the text titled “From coming and going”. A midwife and a hospice worker (accompanies people till they die) are talking about “arrival and departure of humans”.

The Installation MOTHERTENT with wombsound* (inside) offers visitors a possibility – symbolically meant –of going back to the womb (the entrance is the passage). It is the space, where everything began. “The MOTHERTENT is a room for return, for silence, a room, where you can experience security or isolation, maybe similar to the one in the womb. For me it is not only a fictive and constructed space of desire, but also a space where new things can exist or can be “born”.”

MOTERTENT was an installation in the single exhibition “Mutterbild” (2015) in the gallery “Im Turm” in Baden. Lower Austria supported the project with an artist in residency in Paliano.

  • Idea: Barbara Katharina Mang