Mono-Dialog zu Maria Lassnig

Der Text ist während eines Ausstellungsbesuches in der Albertina im November 2019 entstanden. Danke an Karin Macke und Barbara Winzely von für ihr tolles und anregendes Seminar! „Mono-Dialog zu Maria Lassnig“ weiterlesen

Abs.: kunstortELEVENartspace in Reutlingen

2018 war ich im Rahmen eines artist in residency im kunstort ELEVEN. Monika Golla und Frank Fierke leiten das ambitionierte Projekt. Beide inspirierende Kunstschaffende, die es internationalen KünstlerInnen ermöglichen sich zu vernetzen und auszutauschen. Dieses Jahr organisierten die beiden ein umfassendes Projekt, bzw. Ausstellung (siehe Fotos). Danke an Monika und Frank für euer Engagement!

„Abs.: kunstortELEVENartspace in Reutlingen“ weiterlesen


Interview between the artist Sarah Iris Mang and the translator and linguist Dr. Susanne Buchner-Sabathy, who is blind. The talk is about the complex process of perception and how we use our senses. Recent studies have shown that the brain makes decisions about visual and auditory stimuli by relying on already stored sensory findings. What is it like if you cannot see an art work? Which perceptual senses are central in order to get an „image“ or to get an impression? In times of digitalization we are experiencing an increase of images and information in social networks as well as in everyday life. This and other topics are discussed.  „VISUAL ART AND PERCEPTION“ weiterlesen


MAGIC MOMENTS is a series of photos and short texts, which are dedicated to the here and now. Perception is a complex process and culturally, as well as personally shaped – through family values, for instance. My art work, especially my public performances and interview sessions with experts of different fields, have changed my personal horizon of perception. The idea of MAGIC MOMENTS is dedicated to the very moment, to the here and now: the presence. I try to “capture” some of these moments, through photos or written thoughts. MAGIC MOMENTS is not explicit about happiness or searching for beautiful motives, it is more about focusing what is around, whether I like it at first glance or not. We cannot always choose where we are, but we can choose how we perceive the world around us.
„MAGIC MOMENTS“ weiterlesen


The performance took place at the Kunstraum Niederösterreich in 2016. The performers were given prior instructions to formulate their beliefs – both negative and positive – and write one of them on the coat. Beliefs are sentences that have a strong meaning for a particular person. Many of them come from childhood and – consciously or unconsciously – determine a person’s behavior or attitude. It is quiet in the room, while one person, or sometimes two at the same time, is writing Finally the coat is covered with many different beliefs. The coat is dropped and the performance is over.


Sarah Iris Mang uses very often yarn in her performances or installations to show connections or correlations between places and people. For the exhibition temporär zu Hause in Tübingen  she developed a labyrinth, with wood slats from the  Börstinger forest. “Normally I use wool, but this time I wanted to utilize the material from the surroundings. When you connect pieces of wood you have finally a line.” To think outside of the box is to look further and to try thinking of the obvious things, but to try thinking (and in the labyrinth as well experiencing) of things beyond them. Labyrinths have been used for ages and have several meanings:  Passage of time, symbol of coming home, spiritual growth, progress, initiation…

It is a temporarily interactive installation, and it can be meditative and meaningful or just a funny interaction. Just try it out…

Photos: performing in the labyrinth ( Ki Dong/Korea, Jamie/USA and Hiroko/Japan)


Zu sterben. Das geht. Bei Keith Hennessy. Es ist erstaunlich leicht. Im Shamanic Improvisation Potential Workshop wird alles im Fakemodus durchlebt: vom Heilen bis zum eigenen Tod. Und das möglichst gut!  Immer geht es um die Präsenz und wenn die nicht da ist, dann ist es dennoch der Moment der das Leben bestimmt. MORE:

„Sie liegt nackt am Boden. Sie ist zuvor  hinaus in den Regen gelaufen und hat getanzt. Lustig und fröhlich. Ich auch. Sie entledigt sich ihrer Kleider und rutscht nackt am Boden herum. Es ist faszinierend. Warum? Weil es so stark ist. Wie eine Urgewalt. Dem Moment wohnt ein solcher Zauber inne. Dann ist es wieder vorbei. Es geht weiter. Alle tanzen weiter.“ In Bodyfrequencies bei Doris Uhlich und ihrem Partner, DJ Kopenig, geht es für mich darum,  mit dem eignen Körper – der oft wie ein fremdes Wesen anhaftet – zu interagieren.  Die Körperfrequenzen zu spüren, zu tanzen und in Dialog zu treten – mit was auch immer: mit dem Stuhl rechts, der Frau von links, dem Boden unterhalb, mit der Luft um einen, mit dem eigenen Körperfett oder mit der ganzen Gruppe…

Resonanzen zu den besuchten Workshops von impulstanz; Sommer 2018


LAUGH EAT AND SLEEP is a video performance directed by Sarah Iris Mang and performed by Christine Leitner. The act of eating or sleeping is simple, but essential for every human being. In all cultures these acts are very similar – sometimes combined with special rituals or costumes. When someone laughs or sleeps or chews something, the person cannot control these processes in a specific intellectual way, and this aspect is the main interest of the artist. Besides, breathing is an important facet in this performance – how it changes, how it adapts to the situation. LAUGH EAT AND SLEEP is dedicated to the – so called – ordinary things and acts of life.